In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the Wonder Boy franchise, Strictly Limited-Games will be opening up pre-orders for limited runs of their larger Wonder Boy Anniversary Limited, Collectors and Ultimate editions on March 6 for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. This comes after the announcement of a digital collection earlier last month.

This compilation features six games and 21 different versions; covering multiple arcade systems, and consoles ranging from the Mark II and Master System, all the way to the Sega Genesis:

Wonder Boy International/WesternArcade (SYSTEM 1)
Wonder Boy JPSG-1000
Super Wonder Boy JPMaster System / Sega MARK III
Wonder Boy International/WesternMaster System / Sega MARK III
Revenge of Drancon (Wonder Boy)International/WesternGame Gear
Wonder Boy JPGame Gear
Wonder Boy in Monster LandInternational/WesternArcade (SYSTEM 2)
Wonder Boy in Monster Land International/WesternMaster System
Wonder Boy in Monster Land JPArcade (SYSTEM 2)
Super Wonder Boy: Monster World JPMaster System / Sega MARK III
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s TrapInternational/WesternGame Gear
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s TrapInternational/WesternMaster System
Monster World II (Dragon’s Trap)JPMaster System / Sega MARK III
Monster World II: The Dragon’s TrapJPGame Gear
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair International/WesternArcade (SYSTEM 16)
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair International/WesternMega Drive / Genesis
Wonder Boy in Monster WorldInternational/WesternMaster System / Sega MARK III
Wonder Boy in Monster WorldInternational/WesternMega Drive / Genesis
Wonder Boy V: Monster World III JPMega Drive
Monster World IV International/WesternMega Drive / Genesis
Monster World IV JPMega Drive

In addition, each version has additional pack in items including an artbook, music box, and more.

Visit here to find out more.

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