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After being quiet for months, Intellivision Entertainment has released an update of where things stand. The industry, along with many individuals in and out of Facebook groups have continued to express concern on whether or not the organization is soluable or if the highly anticipated console will ever see the light of day.

In the update, sent through email to newsletter subscribers, the current CEO, Phil Adam outlined several factors of which some were more repeats of previous updates. However, some of the major updates of note include:

Layoffs: From the newsletter, Intellivision Entertainment has “dramatically reined in operating costs” which has led to a “significant reduction in staff.” They claim this was to also allow them to focus more on engineering and testing to ensure that they have a quality system.

Content Licensing: The update has outlined that the group is “working with game development partners to license classic Intellivision intellectual property (IPs) for publication on other platforms. This has been cited as a method for raising additional funds to continue development of the Amico.

Refunds: Citing the “public’s uncertainty,” Intellivision Entertainment claims to be “slowly processing refund requests” However, has also outlined that the delay will only increase due to “reduced staff” and “financing requirements for continued operation” as larger issues fo the delay.

While these updates cast a negative light, the update did also mention that they are entering into a test production run of Amico assets, as well as an explanation on where they will be focusing their efforts on from a distribution perspective.

More can be found on the Intellivision Entertainment website.

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