Ahead of our video, and as part of celebrating 40 years of ColecoVision, Gamers Uplink is pleased to release what we believe to be a prototype ColecoVision ROM, called ColorSmith to the community.

Not much is known about this game, and Gamers Uplink has been talking to some well known individuals in the ColecoVision and Retrogaming community to figure out some of the history, and to analyze the code. In the interim, we thought it would be a good idea to release this to the community to see if anyone can help us fill in some of the gaps for our upcoming Youtube video.

We recorded some footage on our Youtube channel, as well as our Twitch stream. However, we have been having some issues with Twitch, and as a result, the Twitch footage might be lost The Youtube footage however, is below.

You can download the ROM file here. Should anyone be able to provide us with some of the origins of this game, please comment below, within our Facebook group, our message board, or contact us here. We will credit those who contributed to the video in writing and within the video.

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