Strictly Limited games has announced a limited physical release forthe “Breakers Collection” by QUByte Interactive and VISCO. Included in the 90’s compilation will be the original “Breakers” and it’s sequel “Breakers Revenge.” This will mark the first PS5 release for the outlet, as well as it’s first premiere to the western market.

Two editions will be available, of which the the first, the standard limited edition (limited to 4,000 copies for the Nintendo Swith and 1,500 copies for the PS4 / 5) will retail for $34.99 and include a manual. However, the collectors edition, which will retail for $65.99 (limited to 3,000 copies for the Nintendo Switch and 1,500 copies for the PS4 will include a number of additional collectibles including:

  • Collector’s edition box 
  • Colourful Game Manual  
  • Tia Langray Headband with Breakers Collection logo 
  • Two sweat wristbands with Breakers Collection logo  
  • Soundtrack with songs from both Breakers and Breakers Revenge 
  • Acrylic diorama featuring Tia Langray and Sho Kamui  
  • Arcade flyer for Crystal Legacy (original Breakers prototype), A5 size 
  • Double-sided poster with main visuals, A2 size 
  • Breakers collection die cut logo sticker 
  • 10 Character Cards, A7 size
  • Lenticular card

Pre-orders will kick off on Sunday, May 22 at 12AM CET. More information is here.

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