Stardock has released Galactic Civilizations IV; the is the latest installment of the award-winning space 4x strategy sandbox game series.

Galactic Civilizations IV is the result of years of thinking about exciting innovations in strategy games,” said Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO. “We want to provide the ultimate turn-based strategy experience by improving the depth and scope of the game through new features, while incorporating player feedback.”

The latest release in the frachise sports several new features including:

Muiti-sector maps

Multi-sector maps span the adventure across an enormous map with multiple sectors, giving a true feeling of galactic conquest and exploration. These sectors are connected by subspace streams, allowing players to travel between them.

Citizen customization on the fly

Citizens change the story of the game depending on who the player recruits and how their various backstories manifest throughout. Keeping citizens happy is important – a disloyal and unhappy governor might take their planet and corresponding colonies and start a new empire.

Galactic Achievements

Galactic Achievements solves the issue of players seeing clear paths to victory, which normally are locked behind hours of gameplay. With this feature, players can take on a challenge to earn “prestige points” toward a win. This cuts down on the “grind” of late game and allows a story to come to a much more interesting conclusion.

A new ‘Core Worlds’ System

The new Core Worlds system will reduce the need to micromanage by allowing subpar worlds to feed into an already established core world. This helps reduce late-game micromanagement, while providing players with the benefits for colonizing and conquering as many worlds as possible.

The strategy game is available for $49.99 through the Stardock website. Visit here to learn more.

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