Sony Interactive Entertainment through their PlayStation Blog has revealed details of the design of their upcoming PlayStation V2R headset.

Inspired by the PS5 family of products the goal was to “create a headset that will not only bbecome an attractive part of (the) living room decor, but will also keep (gamers) immersed in (their) game world, to the point where (gamers) almost forget you are using a headset or controller.”

The design builds on features touted by Sony Entertainment in an earlier blog including:

  • Visual Fidelity – 4K / 110 Degree field of view and foveated rendering
  • Headset based controller traacking
  • New sensory features
  • Enhanced eye tracking

However, unlike some of their competitors such as the Meta (formerly known as Occulus) Quest, it will be tethered to the PS5.

View the full details on the design here, and the previous blog outlining the features here.

  • Photos courtesty of Playstation Blog -
  • Photos courtesty of Playstation Blog -

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