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According to this IGN article, the CEO of Intellivision Entertainment, creator of the Amico, Tommy Tallarico, is stepping down as CEO. While he will remain President, CEO and the largest shareholder, former CRO Phil Adam will step into the CEO role.

This shakeup comes at a time while the Amico has been continuously delayed, under scruitiny, and now according to this article, is looking at another round of funding; with a stark SEC disclosure that states that the console may never see reality, citing among other things, $800,000.00 in debt. In addition, if the console does make it to reality, the pricing will go up according to an interview with ‘The Retro Pro Podcast.’

This is in the midst of a video released by Amico, which likely was designed to try to garner additional support…throwing into question what is going on.

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